Pinky Ring - A new statement and fashion

Pinky rings are types of rings that are primarily worn on the fifth finger, which is also referred to as a pinky finger. Pinky finger originally derived its name from a Dutch word “pink” which means a little finger.

The History, Power and the Importance of Pinky Rings

Pinky rings are no longer new in the market. Its existence can actually be marked in history as well. Based on some historical books, it can be said that pinky rings were used in France and Greek coherently.

The glimpse of their uses can also be found in certain distinguished cultures and civilizations. During the earlier years, the little finger got more ability as compared to the rest of the fingers. The signet or pinky ring also has an outstanding history particularly in England and other regions all over the world. This ring is worn by men to signify that they are not interested in marriage. This is commonly worn on the left little finger to convey such message.

In America and Canada, these rings are given as rewards to young graduates and engineers for their distinguished excellence and great academic performance. These pinky rings, particularly the pinky ruby has a historical and traditional value linked to it. Royal families in England used to wear this kind of ring for centuries especially during grand occasions. Aside from these, pinky rings also symbolizes professional excellence and act as reminders for professional duties, particularly in North America.

Even in the gay community, the pinky ring has a particular message to convey. This community has perceived pinky ring to convey a message to others about their sexual choices or about being homosexual.

Modern Day Pinky Rings

These days, this ring is mainly adopted with fashion perspectives regardless of traditional and cultural reasons. Aside from men, women also love to wear these rings. Pinky rings are now being worn with diamond or gold and are quite popularly known in American where these rings are turning out in big fashion trends. In spite of this, however, due to these rings’ glorious past, pinky rings have never lost its power, value, and importance. 

There is really something about pinky rings making these pieces of jewelry casts a statement and powerful message. This makes men behave and look differently. Pinky rings have accompanied lots of social and historical settings.